It’s been a while

It is time to revive this.

I used to blog at least a few times a year at That slowed down a few years back and I have not recovered since.

I used to do web development. Then I got into SharePoint front end configuration and development, and then SharePoint server administration. Then back to SharePoint front end.

I decided to change things up and last year became the Technology Manager and Lab Manager for the Innovation Center at my company. I have always had an interest in all aspects of technology and how we can apply technology in new and different ways. This role gives me the chance to share.

I also spend time with tech outside of work. In addition, I am working on a graduate degree in Assistive Technology from George Mason University. This combines my passion for tech with my passion for my son, who has cerebral palsy. There are many new ways of using tech to to help people who may not be able to do everything by themselves. Tech helps them become more independent.

This blog will be dedicated to tech of all kinds, from stuff I find for home and work to assistive tech and everything in between.

Oh yeah, I was honored to attend CES this year. This was one of the neat technologies that we ran across: an augmented reality projection table by Sony Future Lab:

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