M.R. A.V. Podcast

M.R. A.V. Podcast

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Welcome to the M.R. A.V. Podcast. We are kicking things off with our pilot episode this month where we introduce the concept of XR: Extended Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality and how it applies to the real world. Have you ever been curious what you can do in XR/MR/AR/VR? Do you even know what they mean? Listen in and we will draw you into the metaverse.

Check out our M.R. A.V. Episode #0: The Pilot on YouTube.

Joel on the left is holding an Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. Jay on the right is laughing at Joel's funny comment.
Joel and Jay talk about XR

In the coming weeks and months we will have episodes focused on the professional and consumer uses of XR, including collaboration, social, design, maintenance, training, and more.

Please follow the M.R. A.V. Youtube channel. More podcast mediums coming!

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